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all the little creatures

November 18, 2008

Andy and I spend every day in an intense war with the mice.  In the evenings, we are advancing, as we bait traps, clean up the evidences of their existence, and stampede through the apartment when it is dark investigating.  In the mornings, we are pushed back into the trenches as we discover our traps and poison snubbed and our belongings pooped on mercilessly.  In the evenings, eating at Arby’s and Panera is our marching music and we arrive back at the apartment refreshed, revived, and with our morale high.  In the mornings, we hang our heads in defeat and miss breakfast because the mice have made us late to work.

But what those little creatures have not yet figured out is that we have a secret weapon yet to be unleashed… my Mom is coming to stay in December and she brings with her all kinds of battle prowess.

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  1. November 24, 2008 10:40 pm

    Got to love moms. Has Jennifer told you about our squirrel? Well just in case she has not. We have a family in our attic. State laws regulate that on commercial-residential property the land owner cannot kill them. (Relocation like those good Assyrians is what must be done.) They’ve been there since… August… many sleepless nights, or 3am moments that jottled me awake for some unknown rodent in our walls….

    death be quick to those that disturb my sleep…

    I have a greater appreciation for the creation mandate.

  2. November 27, 2008 8:51 pm

    i told you we have ants, but i was thinking about it today, and we also have centipedes and spiders. the spider was one ugly one in particular that was living in my room–big and fast, but finally killed today. and the centipedes come from who knows where and though relatively harmless, if they die on their own, they curl up in little balls like roly-polys (sp?) and Ruthie (the Garcias 1 yr old) eats them!!! ack! i’m still glad they’re not mice though…

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