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there are some things still right in the world.

November 23, 2008

Finally, 3 weeks, ten traps and three kinds of poison later, we have a dead mouse!!!  One down, ??? to go!!!  (Only problem is, if there are 5 mice, this could be months at the rate we are going…let’s not talk about that.)  Also, a word of advice is, never leave a bag of microwave popcorn in a bag in your closet.  The mice WILL decide to invade and take over your closet, and you just might never know why.


On another note, I spent two hours in a Starbucks in University City today and received a giant breath of fresh air.  The unfortunate downside to spending much of our time in Center City is that the wealthy and the artsy (or both) dominate and I am sort of ashamed of my humdrum clogs and chinos.  Everybody carries big Urban Outfitters or Saks shopping bags, depending on their style, and probably spent an hour styling their hair alone, minus the rest of their body.  This sort of stresses me out on a regular basis.  After all, I’m from a rural college town where most people spent more time on studying than on their makeup.

But in University City, they were wearing jeans and fleeces.  Some people had pony tails and many looked like they hadn’t touched a hairdrier in days and just might not even be wearing makeup.  I felt a warm glow (the hazelnut hot chocolate might have helped) as I felt that for once, I actually fit in.

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  1. November 24, 2008 10:37 pm

    Living in the suburbs I have a similar experience. What you described I enjoy. It is phenomenal for people watching. Everyone comes in, and just by their stride you read them. Sometimes dead on, sometimes dead wrong. There are no good coffee places around here… have to go to Monroeville. So much for someplace local to be my “third space.” My experience is more of a discovery that I do not really fit in here. Perhaps it is just a new environment speaking… but I do wonder if there is where I am to fit in for the rest of my days?

  2. December 9, 2008 8:18 pm

    I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I HATE the process of hair/makeup, but I like the end results. Problem is, most days, my hate of the process wins! When I go out and am the only one who is a little frumpy, I regret not taking more time on my appearance!

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