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Back on the Road

January 12, 2009

I am a little out of practice at driving.  And I get tired of just sitting in the passenger seat and gawking at the roadkill passing me by.  And I didn’t like the fact that my rustiness was making Andy distrust me behind the wheel.  So upon my insistence, Andy has turned over the car to me a bit more and I have done my best to prove his hesitancy ill-founded.

I’ve decided, in the last few days, that my arch-enemy when it comes to driving is our windshield wipers.  Wipers should not leave wetness, goo, sludge, crusted salt, or anything behind when they wipe – they should wipe cleanly and effectively.  Ours, however, seem to ride just enough above the surface to grab some of the liquid and leave the rest.  We had them replaced.  Same deal.  Perhaps I should be blaming Saturn windshields?

Anyways, this morning I was pleasantly surprised by a few of those pretty star-shaped frost bits scattered across my windshield, but no ice.  When I pulled out onto the road, however, the sun lit up a tiny little film of frost across the window that made it difficult to see.

Growing up in a snowy area with a family who hated scraping the windows, I learned the handy trick of just relying on wiper fluid and the wipers to take care of anything short of ice.  It’s always worked before.  Perfectly.  But today, those blamed wipers left just enough fluid behind to catch and freeze over the entire surface of the windshield.  “Doesn’t this stuff have antifreeze?!”  Now I was out on the road and couldn’t see at ALL–not even enough to pull over. The only solution – the only way, indeed, to open up a three-inch hole for me to peer out of at the bottom of the windshield – was to put the wipers on high speed and repeatedly pour fluid onto the shield. 

Everyone else is tooling nicely down the road in the sunshine and I feel like I’m traveling through a hurricane.  Pretty soon windshield wiper fluid was flowing along my driver’s side window, and there was an inch-thick crust of frozen, slushy fluid built up on the outer edges of the windshield.  Now I had about a five inch hole.  It took almost the whole way to work before my car heated up to unfreeze a decent portion of the windshield.

Andy was skeptical but I still blame the windshield wipers.  Or the windshield.

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  1. Ellen permalink
    January 15, 2009 4:21 pm

    I have found myself in such situations many times, because I’m too impatient to wait for the car to heat up so that I can use the defroster, which always does the trick. Thanks for turning a common human experience into a little drama that made me laugh. Also, Andy is a good driver, but he is notorious for using windshield wipers as LITTLE as possible.

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