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snowy in philly

March 2, 2009

So today is one of the reasons that I love Philadelphia – snow day!!!  I remember exactly two snowdays in my personal grade school existence, one really nasty winter when the roads froze over so badly that the neighborhood boys actually ice skated down the street.  It took a giant snowstorm unlike any in twenty years, occurring fast and overnight, for the college to shut down in 2007.  Most school cancellations occurred because of windchill and danger of hypothermia, not snow.  We spent the entire winter driving on snow-covered roads anyways – to the point where every non-main road was actually covered in at least three inches of packed snow at all times; and everybody owned a truck expressly for that purpose anyways; so it was no big deal.

Here in Philly though, we cancel school and work whenever it snows more than two inches, which occurs about twice a year.  This is our second of the year already, and I am thankful for the proliferation of wimpy compact cars and general snow-hysteria among Eastcoasters, even though it means a gray and barren winter the rest of the time.  I love it when my hubby softly comes into the room and tells me to just go back to sleep amid the soothing grinding of snow and salt trucks outside.  (Especially when we went to Panera the day before and laid in a good supply of bagels and cream cheese.)  With none of the homework or need to sled of the college student or child, I can just curl up on the futon with my cozy blanket and while away the day with Sherlock Holmes stories and Ramen soup, enjoying the evaporation of all my responsibilities…

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