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an april saturday

April 19, 2009

Saturday was not only a beautiful spring day, but it even seemed to herald the start of summer a bit.  75 degrees – low humidity – perfect and complete sunshine – sweet smelling air – cherry blossoms – mmmmm!!!

Our Saturday was enjoyable and super productive.  In the morning, we helped our friends move, which was a great workout and meant we got to be out in the sunshine plenty!  We had to run some important business errands at lunchtime (which meant I felt free to request a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal, which Andy bought for me and I enjoyed with extreme bliss), and, when we got home in the afternoon, we were so energized by the sunshine that we decided to throw open all the windows in the apartment and do a couple of items off of our spring cleaning list for an hour or two.  

Ha.  One thing always leads to another, and it was well after suppertime by the time we scraped ourselves into the shower and went out for dinner, and we still had to stop at the grocery store afterwards.  But oh well, we slept really soundly that night!

Andy’s biggest job was dissecting our vacuum, which was not working.  He wanted to simply buy a new one.  I exercised my Ayers fix-it-yourself-strain and insisted that we fix it… and by we I meant Andy.  I emphatically stated that I fixed the whole thing last summer when it broke, without even an instruction manual, and if I could do it Andy could do it.  He was a bit dubious, but I take the learn-to-swim-by-being-thrown-in-the-water approach when it comes to household tasks.  But, I am very proud to say, the vacuum is fixed and working better than ever!!!

My biggest job was to clean the microwave.  Before coming to us, it had led a meandering life, traveling through my family’s offices, dorms, and pop-up campers.  Never having been in a proper kitchen, it had not been cleaned for quite a while.  I tried my preferred method of cleaning – cloth and water – but when that failed dismally, I gave up and we’ve used it as-is ever since.  Eventually, after a choice comment or two from my more outspoken house guests, I realized that guests should not have to face tomato bits dangling from the ceiling of the microwave when they try to heat their tea.  So, I attacked it with 409 yesterday – *oooohhh*.  I spent a good hour spraying spraying spraying and scrubbing scrubbing scrubbing.  After a while, I decided that it looked pretty good, at least in comparison to the way it was before.  Besides, at this point I was about to faint from the lemon-scented fumes wafting out at me.

Tonight, I was proudly recapping my spring cleaning adventures to my Mom, who informed me that to clean a microwave all I need to do is put a mug of water in for 3 or 4 minutes, until most of the water has steamed off, let it sit for a moment, and then wipe the softened grease and grime out.  *sigh*.  Why does it always seem to take me an hour to do what my Mom does in 5 minutes?!

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  1. Stefan permalink
    April 24, 2009 3:33 pm


    Thinking about you guys 🙂 Praying for joy in your hearts, and making many requests for more joy within . . .

  2. Stefan permalink
    April 24, 2009 3:36 pm

    Props to Andy that he could fix the vacuum! My fix-it skills have always been lacking, so if Andy can fix a vacuum, pretty good!

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