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an april sunday

April 26, 2009

So  we got up this morning, anticipating another long Sunday…  And it was a beautiful day.  A rare April Sunday (truly, as it was the hottest April 26th on record) and on the radio the announcer said “the only place not receiving scalding temperatures today is the Jersey shore, where it’s cool, breezy, and sunny…”  Uh oh.

We minimally debated after the morning church service, but the unseasonal heat out on the city pavement fried all of our doubts beyond recognition.  Andy set things in motion at nursing home then skipped out and we were at the shore within an hour.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening enjoying those cooler breezes.  We took a stroll along the water, then found a perfect bench on the boardwalk facing the ocean and devoured an entire Mack & Manco pizza, followed by polish water ice for dessert, and wrapped up the evening by snuggling up on the sand to watch the tide roll in.  It was a perfect Sunday evening.

I think we needed it.  I’ve got that end-of-winter-rainy-season blues, Andy is totally swamped under a pile of theology books, we’ve had a really rough winter, and we’ve had a lot of bad news in the last four weeks or so.  We needed the chance to forget it, to just hold hands and enjoy the breeze, to not have to talk about something important but to just chat and giggle, to have time to actually look in each other’s face just for the joy of it.  So all in all, I think it was the best time and money we’ve spent in quite some time.

Of course, it was SO spontaneous that I didn’t even have my camera… so no pictures :(.

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