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July 10, 2009

I’ve always been mildly obsessed with water.

Sometime in grade school, I remember having a particularly frightening lecture at school on the importance of imbibing 8 glasses of water a day.  I came home from school very determined to set my poor soul on the right path, so I poured myself a big glass of water and determined to pour myself a new one on the stroke of every hour.

About 2.5 hours in, I was dying.  I remember sitting there in the living room, staring at that half glass of water on the coffee table and groaning.

I kept at it and by high school and college, I was a pro at drinking water.  I had to ban 32-ounce Nalgenes from my life because they’d be gone so fast, I was destroying my study productivity running to the bathroom all the time.  I think I was drinking up to 100 ounces of liquid a day sometimes.

But upon beginning to work full time, have my own apartment and experience all the busy-ness of adult life, I suddenly fell into, for me, the ufamiliar territory of dehydration.  I was either too busy or would forget to drink water.  And to complicate matters, upon realizing I was severely thirsty of an evening, I’d down about 35 ounces of water in the space of ten minutes, flooding my system and often getting dizzy from the impact.  Not a good thing!

So last week, after another terrifying lecture, this one from my mother on the damage I was doing to my kidneys and in horrendous fear of kidney stones, kidney failures and other terrifying things, I made a vow to somehow regulate my wildly fluctuating habits of drinking.

I’m learning to sip water over the course of a day.  I fill a 32-ounce water bottle in the morning, keep it with me at all times and drink 2 ounces every 30 minutes, or about one good sip every 15 minutes.  Torture, I say, torture – both to remember to drink, and not to gulp.  It really is training and I’m nowhere near learning my lesson.

Why is it so hard to be healthy?

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  1. Mom permalink
    July 16, 2009 10:52 am

    You just keep this up! I know it is hard, but I feel so much better when I know you are trying to drink your water!

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