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the mundane details of life

October 16, 2009

I have been posting a lot about food and other randomness lately, and not much about what is going on with us.  Well, our life has pretty much exploded lately!  On one hand, we’ve been home a lot more than normal.  We were wondering why our household costs have been going up so much and we realized it is because we are always here, rather than spending every weekend away (although our weekends still have been quite busy).  

But on the other hand, work has been really busy for both of us.  Andy is working two part-time jobs, interning, and finishing up classes and I have never, ever had such a busy season in my job as I have had since mid-August.  About once a week I feel that I’ve hit a plateau and can relax a little bit… and then about an hour later another mudslide happens and I’m heading uphill once again.  I really am enjoying my job more than ever, but it is tiring.

In this season of our lives, the best thing we have done for ourselves is to invest in Netflix.  I know it sounds kind of pathetic, but we really love our constant movie supply!!!  By late evening we’re talked out, read out, worked out, thought out, chore-d out and it’s really nice to have something to do that involves little or no effort.  It gives us a restful way to be together, and something for me to do when Andy’s out that doesn’t involve baking sugary foods.

With netflix, I can take a risk on a movie that might be awful just because it’s not going to cost me any more or less.  So I’ve been stepping out of my movie comfort zone a bit and as a result, I’ve fallen in love with indie movies.  Two particular favorites recently were Away We Go with John Krasinski and Little Miss Sunshine with Steve Carell.  Not that I exactly recommend these movies to anyone – they tend to have a lot of foulness in the desire to be “edgy” – but they also tend to be way more thoughtful and intriguing than a lot of Hollywood movies, often exploring the ideas of marriage, family, grief, etc..  It is also interesting culturally to watch where the secular mind ends up without God in the picture.  It’s that darn sociologist in me that won’t go away…  Wonder where I got that from?  🙂

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