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holiday season

December 2, 2009

So, as usual, Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Our plans with St. Louis friends fell through, so instead we headed up to join extended family at my grandparents, which was a really great time.  We staged our now-annual family football game, although Emily and I weren’t quite so amazing as we were last year – I’d like to say we just weren’t “on” that day, but I think that, in reality, there were more actually good players playing than there were last year.  Although I did sustain injuries – Dad whacked me in the back of the head with a football (and they blamed me for having my back turned… puh-lease) as well as ending up on the ground with a healthy covering of mud (they said it was my own fault since no one else was within ten feet of me… puh-lease).  But none of that hindered my ability to consume vast quantities of sweet potato surprise and corn pudding.

We have this haphazard tradition of Clue on Thanksgivings in my family, whether at Grandma’s or at home.  The ancient game upstairs in my grandparents’ house, that my mom and her siblings played all through their youth, and my cousins and I played all through ours, has many years’ worth of Thanksgiving greetings scrawled on the inside of the box lid.  My young cousins and siblings pulled it out to play with Andy Thanksgiving night, and I told Kiersten to make sure that she wrote “2009” in the lid to commemorate yet another Thanksgiving game.

So, expanding the grand tradition, we had a Clue party the next evening at home.  Everyone had to dress up as the character that they were assigned.  Frank showed up in a green tie around his bare neck and one of Dad’s suit jackets, which fit him a little bit too well (he’s got to stop growing up!!!) as Mr. Green; Andy got a bit nauseous wearing Frank’s glasses as Prof. Plum; Beka donned her prettiest dress to be Miss Scarlett; etc.  But the crowning costume of the evening was my Dad as Colonel Mustard.  He showed up in a khaki suit with gray camo paint smeared all over his cheeks in perfect imitation of Colonel Mustard’s sideburns.  Fantastic!

On Saturday night we had our annual Ayers Family Tree Decorating Party.  Elizabeth wasn’t there, which was sad, but it was a great time nonetheless.  The candles were burning, Nat King Cole was playing, the ancient ornaments were laid out all over the living room floor.  Mom outdid herself again in snacks and food, with everything from fresh guacamole to cupcake sized, homemade, soft Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Frank guzzled the eggnog as usual, although I do suspect that he may have accidentally poured some from the whisky-infused bottle and not the kid-friendly version (not really, but I did tease him over his “hyperness”).  Afterwards, we all piled up on the living room couch with as many blankets as we could round up to stay up way too late and watch Jim Carrey’s The Grinch.

I hated to come back.  We will hopefully get our own tree up on Saturday to block out a little of the Philadelphia blackness outside my window.

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  1. gretchen permalink
    December 2, 2009 8:29 pm

    I love the Clue tradition! Do you have pictures? We have an old version in Richmond as well and as a kid I was always worried about getting lead poisoning from the pipe. Hahahaha.

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Evelyn permalink
    December 3, 2009 1:48 pm

    That sounds like so much fun! 🙂 I miss you Leah!

    Your mom makes homemade giant reese’s pb cups?? That sounds amazing and I want the recipe. Will she share it, or will that require bribes or threats?

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