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The Snow. Is. Coming.

February 9, 2010

I usually only label weather as “eerie” during the springtime when that greenish air starts to hover outside the window, or when black thunderclouds loom in the distance while all wind, breezes, drafts, or even wafts of air seem to cease.  But today was most decidedly eerie, as I looked out my office window at the wisps of cloud in the sunny skies, knowing that they were the forerunners of stormheads; eyeing up all those puddles and melted slush, knowing that it was going to turn into dangerous black ice in just a few hours; listening to my coworkers talk of nothing else, and pack up and rush home as soon as closing time rolled around in order to batten down the hatches.

Even here in my warm apartment, it’s a little eerie, listening to the snow and salt trucks plow by, patrolling the area as the snow begins to fall.  I can’t help, with all of this, but get a little hyped up, rehearsing what food is in the pantry, fretting over our flat roof and eyeing up my Little House on the Prairie books, remembering the blizzards of the Great Winter and the time that the snow actually reached the top windows of the houses.  I wonder if the rumble of the snow plows in the morning will sound so comforting when there’s not the excitement of checking to see whether work is canceled.  As much as I understand why they are, I wish that the words “disaster”, “emergency”, “crisis” and “life-threatening” were not screaming at me every time I log onto the internet.

The whole region is drawing a breath as it waits.

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