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Servantless American Housekeepers

April 13, 2010

Well… I had a lot of goals for livening up my life, for giving myself some purpose.  It seems, however, that when life seems the most dreary is when something really crazy is just around the corner.

And so, while I haven’t posted any “home tips” yet, lets just say that this coming summer and fall, I will be posting a LOT about that.  In the meantime, I have been boning up on my housekeeping skills in anticipation of living in a home larger than our boxy, ancient one bedroom apartment.  So, as my one giant humongous home tip to cover six months+, I’m recommending this book.  It is an amazing resource for house keepers of whatever type, covering information from how to clean every possible flooring; how to clean walls; how to wash your hands; how to sort your laundry; how to keep your beds clean.  Think you already know how to do that?  You’ll be amazed at how much you don’t know, especially if you are, like me, young and unseasoned no matter how wonderful my childhood training was.

The worst is just realizing how yucky things actually are around you.  Mendelson opens your eyes to how much we let grime build up around us in ways that aren’t necessarily harmful (she has a whole chapter on the importance of being able to live with germs) but do decrease our quality of life in our homes and actually damage our homes and furniture.  Now, after I get up in the morning all I can think is that between the two of us, Andy and I exuded two cups worth of liquid plus oils, etc. overnight and that the bed must be aired or all of that will still be sitting in the bedsheets when we go to bed that evening and… ugh.  After reading the chapter on air quality I can hardly sleep without the windows cracked.

But who doesn’t love fresh beds and sweet smelling air?  Clean curtains and bright windows and fresh crisp linens lend such a wonderful new feel to a home, even if it was tidy before.  And so I love this book, because she makes the quest for that clean and fresh and healthy feeling an art, a lovely occupation, a skill.

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