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Goodbye, Philadelphia

June 2, 2010

Eastern State Penitentiary, Phila., originally uploaded by nevershaken.

So, if you know me, you already know this news. But if you don’t (and, believe it or not, some people who don’t know me do read this blog! Crazy, huh?!), here it is:

We are moving, in just about three weeks! We’re heading all the way out to Cincinnati, Ohio, where it feels as though life is going to be completely new.

Moving is not new to me. I lived in a formidable five states by the age of eleven years old, and no, I was not a military kid.

During my childhood, I really didn’t mind much. It really was a fun adventure, finding new friends in new places and traveling over the summers to see all the old ones, too. Each place we lived became a part of who I am, and each was just so exciting – DC with its traffic and professional vibe, NYC with its gritty streets and colorful people, Dallas with its laidback attitude and amazing salsa, St. Louis with its frozen custard and frontier feel. And the small Pennsylvania town we landed in “for good” – that was the best. It was safe, and familiar, and to a city kid, its sidewalks and hangouts and parks and little shops and familiar faces was the life I didn’t think really existed for people, that I had only read about in novels.

But suddenly, it was time to graduate college and get married. And so, I turned up in Philadelphia three years ago (wow) to a little apartment in a pretty setting and did my best to reassimilate myself into the fast paced bustle of life on the edge of a great city. I mostly failed, but this city too, with its gelato and bubble tea, its history and its culture, has also become a part of who I am.

Summer is my favorite time here. I always forget that I love this city until the warm weather starts to appear. It’s not that I don’t love snow and cold (and goodness knows, it was a good thing I did this past winter) but Philadelphia is just so vibrant in the summer. And the best part is that Andy and I have spent our married summers exploring and discovering and falling in love together.

And so we’ve been packing in all our favorite spots, and we have many more places to go before it’s time to leave. It’s hard – at each place, I feel as though I’m saying goodbye to a piece of my life.

To help my process leaving all these wonderful places, I’ll be doing a little series of posts on our favorite places in Philadelphia, first one to come tomorrow. There will also be a whole new flavor to this blog as we settle into a new house (hopefully!!!) and a new city. So stay tuned!

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  1. amb permalink
    June 9, 2010 11:27 pm

    i cannot tell you how good it is to do “goodbye tours”… i thought it sounded silly at first when someone told me and the garcias about it, but it really makes a HUGE difference to, almost literally, SAY GOODBYE even to places or things… emotionally and psychologically, it helps you know that they will go on and remain, and not be some bubble fairy world, the way worlds end when you close the cover on a book. i don’t even know how to explain it, but i only wish i had done these kinds of “goodbyes” more and better in all my transitioning. (i did them some, but it looks like you are being much more thorough!) and you’ll love these posts to look back on. great job leah!

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