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Goodbye, Phila. #7 – Visible History

June 19, 2010

Worn-down stone stoops in Old City Philadelphia have always grabbed my attention.  I point them out to Andy as we drive through, squealing “WOW!  Look at THAT one!” and distracting Andy from the poor pedestrian crossing the street.

So one evening we went on a walk just to see how many we saw.  Andy got really into it right along with me.  And we saw a lot.  So, of course, I popped a few photos.

I don’t have much to say about these stoops.  They may seem quite boring to many of you.  But if you just let your imagination run a bit… wondering how many styles of shoes contributed to the wearing away of the stone over the last 300 years; how many visitors and errands knocked on the door of these houses; of all the news in the history of America that was carried across these steps.

If you just think about it a little… it really is quite fascinating, isn’t it?

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