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Remember Me

July 3, 2010

Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.”
Mahatma Gandhi

When my Mom popped Remember Me into the DVD player, I wasn’t sure that I was in the mood for a teen heartthrob find yourself teach your parents a lesson live your own life let out your feelings let go of your past kind of drama.  Which, from the description and the fact that it starred a Twilighter (hey, I was there in the movie theater when all the girls screamed as soon as Taylor Lautner stepped on the scene in Valentine’s Day, for crying out loud), I was pretty certain it would be.  But I sure was in the mood to curl up under a blanket and watch a movie with my Mom, so in the movie went.

Early in the movie, Robert Pattinson’s character, Tyler, shares the Gandhi quote above.  Being a firm believer that every action – from my footstep on the pavement to the hello I say to a chance stranger – is somehow critically important in God’s grand scheme, it spoke to me.  But I dismissed it as the typical feel-good quote that they always try to work into teen dramas to make it deep.

I was wrong.  Remember Me has gone up on my list of the best movies ever.

It was painstakingly well crafted, from the casting to the mood lighting to the minimalist soundtrack to the cinematography and bookend narration.  The development was subtle and unpredictable.  The movie as a whole was stunningly beautiful.  At the end, I could hardly breathe as frame after frame tied the movie together, and wove each of Tyler’s insignificant acts into a perfect whole.

And the very last frame?  It was perfect healing in tragedy.

The movie will stay with me as a reminder that no life is a waste and no matter how empty or undecided it may be, it too has beauty and purpose if lived with love.  A story may end but the capillaries and arteries of love will continue to bring life to everyone in it.

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