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Living Summer

July 8, 2010

Seasons are meant to be felt.  Lived.  Experienced.

You know what I mean.  Fall – crisp and sweet and the first little shivers.  Winter – wild rushes of air from sled rides and burning snow slipping in around your ankles.  Spring – soft and fresh air gently rubbing skin that is finally free.

And summer.  Yes, summer.  As an “adult”, this has been my least favorite season, until a three-year absence from it made it sweet once again.  Sweet like it was when I was a child.  I want to embrace it.  Every day is long and slow and I just forget what day it is.

And I am living it.  The sting of sweat mixed with sunblock in my eyes.  The rush of clean lakewater over my face.  Little kids’ sweaty hair against my arm on the way home.

It’s summer.  Real summer.  And I remember, now, why I used to love it so much.

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