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I’m Moving!!!

July 26, 2010

No, unfortunately, I am not actually moving into a new home yet.  But my blog is!!!

I invite you to join me as my blog begins a new, vibrant, and exciting life with a new name and a new web address.

After today, I will no longer being posting here at under the name Stirred, Not Shaken.

This blog (yes, I am taking all my old posts and photos with me) is moving to the web address and will now be known as Just Plucking Daisies.

I am super excited about this, and I hope you’ll come check out my beautiful new (professional!) web design and see the fun road my blog is headed down.  My content won’t change, but it will just keep getting better.  Thanks for sticking with me this far and I hope you like the changes!

Just a quick housekeeping matter – please don’t forget to update your Favorites, subscriptions, and Google Reader web addresses to the new web address.  There is a link for email and reader feeds on the new home page just to make it easy :).


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